Woven Ikat Floor Mats

Made using Chilewich’s proprietary TerraStrand fibers, these woven mats are exceptionally durable and easy to care for, and available in a wide variety of colours and patterns to suit your décor. These mats incorporate Microban antimicrobial protection to help inhibit growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.

  • TerraStrand is 100% phthalate free.
  • TerraStrand contains 25% renewable vegetable content.
  • TerraStrand is now used in over 90% of our woven products.
  • Every Square yard of TerraStrand caves 0.02 gallons of petroleum and 0.14 pounds of CO2 as compared to conventional woven vinyls.

Chilewich has made a significant environmental development by replacing the petroleum-based plasticizers in our yarns with phthalate-free, renewable vegetable compounds.  Plasticizers have traditionally been made from petroleum-based compounds that are used to make PVC yarns soft.  No more. Chilewich calls these innovative yarns and the fabrics made from them TerraStrand.  Almost all of Chilewich woven products are now made from TerraStrand.

Woven floor mats are best suited on dry surfaces.  They can be used in a bathroom or kitchen. Come with latex backing which is slip resistant and more durable. Can be vacuumed to remove loose dirt.

Made in USA. Phthalate free.


Available in the following Sizes:

Small               23" x 36"

Medium           35" x 48"

Large               46" x 72"

X-Large           72" x 106"