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20 Jan 2010

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This month we thought it would be interesting and informative to share some questions we have been asked by some of our clients over the last few months. Water Arts Inc. has the fun of finding new products from manufacturers and artists of Fountain/Pond Equipment and hearing and seeing unique new designs and installation practises from our various clients. We are finding more and more questions regarding smaller garden spaces and more and more people looking for contemporary water features for their home gardens.

Question: I have a small to medium size garden space in which I’d like to have a water feature. I am looking for something in a contemporary style, what is available?

Answer: There are many choices of fountains available and we offered and assessed many solutions for this client. The choices available will be based on size, price, style material etc. and the option that inspired this client the most was combining the idea of a fire pit with a fountain. Please see the following photo of one of our FIRE/WATER Bowls that they ended up choosing for their patio area

The advantage of the Fire and Water Bowl concept is that it allows 2 beautiful elements to grace the patio area. This unit provides a gas torch effect which provides light and warmth whenever they wish to enjoy the garden in the evening and they have the sound and sight of moving water all the time. The size of the pool area is totally flexible this same unit can be installed so that water flows into an invisible pool where no water is visible (water fills a concealed tank under the ground ) or the other extreme could be the bowl sits on the edge of a swimming pool flowing into the pool. We always enjoy offering products that can be adapted to fit many garden designs and are not simply limited to one style or type of installation.

Question: I like the look of moving water, and I like a natural waterfall but my home is contemporary and I would rather have a smooth clean look. Our property has a change of grade and we will build a retaining wall. How can I have the look of moving water?

Answer: This is a question we are often asked? There are many many solutions to this and that is what keeps artists and designers busy and actively creating new garden/water art.

See some photos we are including here as some of the ways we have of answering this question. The idea of building up a wall that has a spout penetrating through it or a wall mask mounted to the wall offers some of the simplest methods of moving water in a more contemporary fashion.

The most important aspect of moving water is to keep it contained within a reservoir at all times, a wall mask or a wall spout are options for moving water but if the container they spill into is too small to contain the splash from the spout then this water feature will probably be relegated to a sculptural effect in the garden and seldom switched on to show it as a fountain.

If you wish more information on these products please contact us.

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