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13 Dec 2009

Here in Hardiness Zone 5 we experience all 4 seasons and each one has its own unique benefits. I met a couple who were from the warm tropics who expressed their surprise at how much attention and money we seem to give to our gardens when our summer season is so short. I laugh and think I guess it is because the season is so short that we appreciate our gardens so much.

I recently visited Quebec City, a beautiful city considered to be in Hardiness Zone 4 and although this means they can experience -30 C (-25 F) the city does have some Garden areas and includes several interesting fountains, proving that Hardiness Zones don’t have to limit garden spaces, or fountain ideas.

I may be slightly biased but I always notice that pictures of fountains end up in just about everyones photo album as it seems we all love water. You always see tourists snapping photos of themselves or family members in front of fountains.

I am including some photos of some of these fountains as I too found that we had to take photos to attempt to capture the beauty and creativity of water in motion. It never ceases to amaze me what can be done with water.

The fountain at the entrance to the Parliament Buildings is in a beautiful setting and looks as if it has always been a part of this landscape. It was actually very recently installed as a gift from Peter Simons to celebrate the city of Quebec’s 400th Anniversary. The fountain was originally situated in Tourny France and in 2007 it was installed in Quebec.

The rest of the pictures speak for themselves showing how unlimited the creation of a water feature can be.

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