Updates for 2020


We have a great selection of Indoor Table Top Fountains which make for a wonderful gift and assist with adding humidity to an indoor space.  We also have bird baths, larger outdoor fountains, pumps, pools and beautiful garden sculptures in stock. All of these items add beauty and harmony to our gardens and lives.  And we all could use more of this.

In respect for our clients, staff and suppliers health and well being, we have implemented the following practices due to Covid 19.

- Curbside pickup for orders placed by phone or e-mail Monday to Saturday

- Social Distancing of 2 meters within our showroom and outdoor garden areas

-Hand sanitizer station at door, masks worn inside

-We are monitoring the number of people in our showroom and courtyard

- Outdoor garden benches our set up in our garden where you can wait while we pack your order or you wait for a sales representative.


Welcome to Water Arts Inc.


Providing unique water features, fountains, and ponds for your landscaping projects

Bringing water into an environment has many advantages and it can be easy to do. The added element of water in a home or office is calming, provides moisture in the air, and adds visual interest to any space or room.

At Water Arts Inc., we focus on offering water features that balance good design with easy maintenance, for all projects of any size or style.

Our clients benefit from the importance we place on:

  • Reliable products and staff
  • A full line of water garden/fountain products
  • Inspirational garden ideas
  • A knowledge that is based on experience
  • An interest in each project that is shared with us
  • An appreciation for nature
  • The details of a garden

Learn more about how to maintain a water feature in our Pond Tips or take a peek at the many water feature products we have to offer. We invite you to visit our showroom and garden areas, as we enjoy meeting like-minded people who love beauty and gardens.